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1st Follow-up

Email Jan about 2 bedroom units, pricing and availability.

Linked lead: Jan Wyatt

Assigned to: Ann Halpert

In-Person Tour

Lexi and roommate want to view the 1 bedroom and move in asap. Showing unit: #2015 (B1)

Linked lead: Lexi Knope

Assigned to: Ann Halpert

  • What’s your cheapest 3br unit?
  • The following 3 bedroom apartments are our most affordable and available now.
  • Model C2a
    1 bed | 1 bath | 1,525 ft

Reduce touch points

First touch managed by AI, with the human touch proactively supported by thoughtful AI.

Treat top talent like family

With a reduced leasing footprint, PMCs can focus on rewarding and retaining their top talent.

"Union makes my work more enjoyable and allows me to focus more on our customers."

Leasing Agent
Janice Rossi

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